Hello 2015!!!

Woah! What a whirlwind the end of 2014 was for me. Knitting all of my gifts this year was so rewarding. Seeing the photos of my loved ones with their knit items put a big huge smile on my face & warmed my heart💛 I knit 4 Barley Hats by Tin Can Knits. My brother & two nephews got one & my to be brother-in-law got the 4th.

2015/01/img_0557.jpg My beautiful Sister-in-law got the GAP-tastic Cowl by Jen Geigley. For the cowl I used Knit Picks Billow. I also made one for myself earlier in the fall & knew she had to have one! ☺️ The boys hats were knit up with Wool of the Andes Worsted & Tweed. I’m now obsessed with tweed yarn! I knit my soon to be Father-in-law Jared Flood’s Turn A Square hat. I also used the Wool of the Andes Worsted for his hat. This yarn is 100% Peruvian Wool and I found it to be very soft. I used the Billow yarn for the infinity scarf I knit up for my soon to be Mother-in-law. I just winged the pattern. I did around 15 rows of k5, p5 around then 20 rows of Stockinette with random strings of garter thrown in and ending with 15 more rows of k5, p5. I knit my Mum the Holey Hat! She lives in Maine & has very long hair like myself & likes to wear it up with hats so this was perfect for her! I used Brava Bulky by Knit Picks and the pattern is by SplitStitch Designs. My Daddio has been wanting a pair of hand knit socks since I knit my first pair and gave them to my Mum. I finally got that going for him!!! I did run out of time and only got one sock done for him😳 🙈

2015/01/img_0558.jpg I started these socks in the summer & had so many dang oh sknits!!!! (If you haven’t watched In A sKnit podcast you should totally do so!!! They are amazing!💛👍) Back to the sock sknits! I had purchased a set of Addi’s when I was in Virginia in the fall of 2013. The package said US 1 and that was great cause that’s what I wanted. Many moons later after a pair & a half of socks did I realize & discover that they were US 2’s!!!!! (🙈No wonder those socks didn’t fit me!) Well I frogged them & started again. My Dad has pretty fat feet! It was nerve wracking knitting these since I wouldn’t know if they fit him until I had shipped them as his gift! Well luckily they did & he can’t wait for the other one! (I better hurry up!) I started knitting one at a time for a change and I must say I like it better. I do love the fact that two at a time is so much more rewarding and you have a finished pair, but I like the relaxed pace of one at a time. I also just knit my second ever cuff down sock! God I have been missing out!!! The fit is so different and I love the construction of the heel on cuff down!



2015/01/img_0172.jpg The sock is Hermione’s Everyday Sock by Erica Lueder. I LOVE this sock so much!!! I have to hurry up and finish my Dad’s sock so I can finish mine!!! (Or I could just buy another needle😝) My soon to be Sister-in-law got a Picholine Hat in one of her favorite colors!

2015/01/img_0559.jpg I used the Brava Bulky and I love knitting this hat! I have made several for my friends and am about to make myself one! Mother Nature blanketed the Cascades with a Christmas miracle of lots of snow!❄️ The resort opened up finally & we were able to go to work!!! What an insane 2 weeks of opening the restaurant for the season. We have 90% new employees & we are new to running the show! What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger & if that isn’t true I don’t know what is! Many tests were put forth to us these past holiday weeks and I believe we emerged on top despite all the setbacks we endured. Finally also got to go riding for the first time this season & this year! So long overdue. 🏂🗻💛❄️


2015/01/img_0551.jpg We took our tree down yesterday & went to celebrate a friend who just passed’s birthday in full glory with a Christmas tree burn! I miss my Christmas decorations already! 🎄

2015/01/img_0546.jpg I also finally got a chance to get my wheel out! I missed it so much. I was working 10-14 hours a day for two weeks and when I got home I was just so exhausted. It was great to be spinning again. I am on the second 2 oz. of my Spun Right Round braid. It is called Darkside of the Room and is Ramboulleit. This fiber is so dreamy to spin💛

2015/01/img_0448.png I hope you are all having a great start to your 2015! 🎇🎉 See you next time & happy crafting💛☺️✌️


25 Days of Gift Knitting🎄❤️ & Spinning Shenanigans!

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by☺️ I hope you are enjoying your December! My days are almost fully consumed with finishing my Christmas gifts!

I have been knitting my first sweater this fall! It has been very fun & I really enjoy it. My guy has been wanting me to make him one for a while to wear while snowboarding.

I am trying to figure out what I will be knitting once the gift knitting & sweater is finished! Yes selfish knitting time is in my near future!!! I have been adding loads of patterns to my cart on Rav. Now just to narrow it down & pick one☺️

Christmas also pushes my crafty nook into the guest room and it ends up looking like a hodgepodge of snowboards & craft tornado!



I have just finished spinning my first braid of roving on my new wheel! My guy got me an Ashford Traveller for an early Christmas & every other holiday till my birthday next year present!



I just started spinning this summer so I am still green around the gills if you will! I will get more in depth with all my spinning in my next post I promise! The braid I just spun up was a BFL braid from the indie dyer Rachel who is know as On The RoundShe is a fabulous dyer in Maine 💛 my home state✌️

I split the 4 oz. braid in fourths & spun starting at the same end each time. I spun 2 oz on each bobbin & I tried to keep as uniform and thin as I could as I planned on making a 2 ply from 2 bobbins. My goal was a worsted weight & I got pretty darn close! It is still a bit thick & thin, but oh my spinning BFL is dreamy! I sure do love that long staple length!





I gave it a bath in my favorite wool wash SOAK! SOAK WashIt smells incredible & I think is a great way to wash your handspun yarn, knit items or delicates! SOAK did a photo challenge in Instagram this September for knitters & I actually was one of the winners! I got a sweet gift pack with the new fragrance Unleash {smells INCREDIBLE} & a bottle of the Aquae lotion also smells great! Some wicked fun temp tattoos & a few other sweet treats!


I am long winded & known for my tangents…so I am gonna go for today & leave you with some photos!

Thank you so much if you are returning to check me out again & if this is your first visit thank you for stopping by!!!

Take care & happy crafting ☺️💛✌️