25 Days of Gift Knitting🎄❤️ & Spinning Shenanigans!

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by☺️ I hope you are enjoying your December! My days are almost fully consumed with finishing my Christmas gifts!

I have been knitting my first sweater this fall! It has been very fun & I really enjoy it. My guy has been wanting me to make him one for a while to wear while snowboarding.

I am trying to figure out what I will be knitting once the gift knitting & sweater is finished! Yes selfish knitting time is in my near future!!! I have been adding loads of patterns to my cart on Rav. Now just to narrow it down & pick one☺️

Christmas also pushes my crafty nook into the guest room and it ends up looking like a hodgepodge of snowboards & craft tornado!



I have just finished spinning my first braid of roving on my new wheel! My guy got me an Ashford Traveller for an early Christmas & every other holiday till my birthday next year present!



I just started spinning this summer so I am still green around the gills if you will! I will get more in depth with all my spinning in my next post I promise! The braid I just spun up was a BFL braid from the indie dyer Rachel who is know as On The RoundShe is a fabulous dyer in Maine 💛 my home state✌️

I split the 4 oz. braid in fourths & spun starting at the same end each time. I spun 2 oz on each bobbin & I tried to keep as uniform and thin as I could as I planned on making a 2 ply from 2 bobbins. My goal was a worsted weight & I got pretty darn close! It is still a bit thick & thin, but oh my spinning BFL is dreamy! I sure do love that long staple length!





I gave it a bath in my favorite wool wash SOAK! SOAK WashIt smells incredible & I think is a great way to wash your handspun yarn, knit items or delicates! SOAK did a photo challenge in Instagram this September for knitters & I actually was one of the winners! I got a sweet gift pack with the new fragrance Unleash {smells INCREDIBLE} & a bottle of the Aquae lotion also smells great! Some wicked fun temp tattoos & a few other sweet treats!


I am long winded & known for my tangents…so I am gonna go for today & leave you with some photos!

Thank you so much if you are returning to check me out again & if this is your first visit thank you for stopping by!!!

Take care & happy crafting ☺️💛✌️












Welcome to TheKnittyPirate!

Hi there & thanks for stopping by! I am Emma & I am also know as TheKnittyPirate. You can find me on Ravelry & Instagram under the same name & there you can take a look at all of my knitting, spinning & life shenanigans!

I have been knitting for about 5 years, crocheting for almost 12 years & I just got very into spinning this year! I really enjoy all kinds of crafts!!! My Mum is quite the crafty lady & I am so lucky to have gotten this love for these artsy crafts from her💛

I live with my fiancée in Greenwater, Washington & we both work up at the ski resort Crystal Mountain!
Crystal Mountain Washington
We have 2 crazy dogs who we love more than anything!🐶💚



We live very close to Mt. Rainier National Park (The Sunrise side). It is so beautiful & we are very lucky to be able to live so close to such a beautiful park & a gorgeous mountain. Beautiful views, hikes & drives are everywhere & I 😍 love so much where I get to live & play!
Mt. Rainier National Park




It being Christmastime❤️🎄💚 I try my best to make the gifts that I give to my family & friends☺️ I have been very busy getting all these awesome gifts to go from WIPs to FO’s as quickly as I can so I can get them all done in time to send off to the east coast! I grew up in Salem, Massachusetts & Roxbury, Maine. I have that happy mix of city girl & country gal.

A few hats I have knit up for the holidays soon to be off to happy holiday recipients🎅

I love Christmas so much! It is one of my favorite times of the year🎄❄️❤️ We just got our tree yesterday. Living in the woods has lots of perks☺️ This is our second winter here together & our second tree from the backyard/woods.

I have been spinning a lot lately & can’t wait to show you what I have been working on! Hope you check back & see what spinning shenanigans I have been up to!

So long for now!
Happy crafting☺️💛✌️